If it wasn’t obvious from all the pastel coloured sofas and Danish sideboards on your social newsfeeds as of late, mid-century modern decor is once again having a moment. Although sleek and timeless, this vintage style can quickly monopolise a room (or make it appear dated) if it isn’t executed with care. New to the style but love this retro look? Learn how to tell your own tale with midcentury furniture using these six tips for beginners.Learn what ‘midcentury furniture’ really means. Identifying midcentury pieces isn’t always easy. Midcentury furniture functions well because of its simplicity and fine craftsmanship. But generally you can look for the obvious clues, such as those beautifully angled tapering legs. To put it simply, do your homework before you make any vintage investments.Fill in your interior gaps. When looking to incorporate midcentury furniture into your home for the first time, we suggest starting with whatever pieces the room might be lacking. If you’re in need of a coffee table, go for a retro design that works with the space. Any starting point is a good one, and building piece-by-piece is the best way to create a unique space. That said, we think that the staple midcentury pieces that can make or break a space are a sideboard, arm chair, or a good lamp.Experiment with height. An easy way to prevent your space from looking too uniform is by incorporating furniture of different heights. It’s best to not have everything be too low or too high. Mix it up! We love a low sofa and vintage coffee table, but try adding in a retro arc lamp as a contrast in height and to complete the space.Don’t knock veneer! People are often disappointed when they learn that a piece of furniture is made with wood veneer, not solid, but many of our favourite and most sought-after pieces of the midcentury are made using veneer. It’s not a new technique, only implemented to make cheaper furniture. Vintage pieces made with veneer have lasted as long as they have because they are made for function, with matching woods and inlay work.Stick to a color palette. Muted colors and pastels work really well. Neutrals never go out of style.Don’t forget the details. How to complete the look? It’s all in the accessorising. For stylish touches, gravitate toward things you are passionate about and items you’ll use day to day – include only what you need. You might love plants, floor pillows, and rocks, but do your best to remain clutter free.




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