Desk (Or Dressing Table) by Uniflex


A stylish mid century desk … or dressing table.

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A stylish mid century desk … or dressing table. The triple mirror housing can be left in place on this gorgeous vintage dressing table or it can be quickly and easily slipped out to leave a very cool retro desk with a slot on top through which cables can be fed.

Not only is Uniflex furniture timeless, it was well ahead of its time. More than any other British maker in the 1960s, Uniflex was extremely dedicated to the design values of modernism. Uniflex bedroom and dining-room furniture in the 1960s was pared back and completely absent of adornment – even drawer handles were sometimes done away with. This forward thinking simplicity was confronting to the 1960s British public.

Uniflex made less sales than other British furniture makers. However, as time has passed the popularity of Uniflex sideboards and dressers has only increased. The desirability of these pieces has been enhanced by their rarity. Uniflex pieces are identifiable by the impeccable and innovative use of materials – such as teak, rosewood and melamine which is hard and durable. Another distinguishing feature is the horizontal bar connecting the back and front legs of a piece of furniture.

Dimensions: L153 x H71 x D45cm. Height with mirrors in place – 126cm.



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