Double Wardrobe by Wrighton Furniture


A handsome mid-century Double Wardrobe.

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A handsome mid-century Double Wardrobe by Wrighton Furniture. This vintage wardrobe has so many details and storage options inside – a little cabinet, drawers, shelves, a shoe rack, a mirror and a little bar for hanging ties or scarves. It is so so well made and … it has castors which make it ever so easy to move around.

F Wrighton & Sons Ltd of London were makers of high class furniture. During WW2 the firm employed 300 people making aircraft parts for the war effort. After the end of the war, Wrighton resumed the manufacture of Kitchen, Living and Bedroom Furniture. They established a reputation for quality and won several design awards.

Wrighton closed during the 1970s as they were faced with competition from manufacturers who were mass producing flat-pack furniture made from non-traditional materials (laminated and printed particle boards, etc) that was machined to templates by semi-skilled workers. The irony is that, today, Wrighton furniture is highly desirable and attracts good prices from discerning collectors. There is even a piece of their furniture in the Victoria and Albert Museum.



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