High Secretaire by Johannes Sorth for Bornholm Møbelfabrik

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High secretaire designed in the 1960s by Johannes Sorth.

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This stunning teak desk is an elegant offering from one of Denmark’s finest furniture makers. This high secretaire was designed in the 1960s by Johannes Sorth. It features three large drawers, a pull-out desktop above the drawers (with a depth of 60cm), storage space and three small drawers behind two sliding doors. A bookcase sits above the desk. The design features an extendable desktop, plenty of storage and sophisticated tambour doors that slide back to reveal cute pigeon hole storage and finely crafted drawers. It’s the perfect option for you and your laptop, with plenty of display space and storage. Bornholm Møbelfabrik has a legacy for crafting some of Denmark’s best furniture. This elegant, highly functional secretaire desk is no exception. A tall linear cabinet with thoughtful organic curves, it is constructed to the highest standard from rich old growth teak.

Dimensions – H182cm x W100cm x D42cm



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