Grey Original NB 100 Table or Desk Lamp by Louis Kalff for Philips


One of Kalff’s first designs for Philips.

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This midcentury design classic by Louis Kalff was introduced in 1957 but it still looks modern today. Model NB100 is a wonderful desk lamp that combines the round forms of the wire frame with the crisp, sharp lines of the shade. This minimalist design reflects the style and optimism from the space-age era, that was about to begin when this lamp was introduced to the public.This is one of Louis Kalff’s first designs for Philips Eindhoven and the minimalistic model features a black curved steel frame with a grey dotted lacquered shade. The lamp provides a striking lighting pattern with light at both sides.

Dutch designer, art director, and architect Louis C. Kalff was born in Amsterdam in 1897. In 1916, he began architecture studies at the Technical University of Delft. As a student, he designed posters, banners, and costumes for school-related activities. In December 1924, Kalff applied via letter to Anton Philips, president of Eindhoven-based light bulb and radio tube manufacturer Philips, asserting that the company’s advertising was not modern enough. On January 5, 1925, the 27-year-old Kalff joined Philips and was charged with the task of modernizing the company’s artistic and commercial advertising. By 1946, he was appointed Philips’ art director. Kalff retired in 1960, but remained active as a consultant and architect for Philips.

While at Philips, Kalff helped define the overall color, material, and form choices for a variety of projects. He also designed advertisements, branding, exhibitions, lighting, and various other products, including memorable pieces such as the curvy Chapel Radio (1931) and the Philips Philishave (1939). He also designed several architectural projects, including the Astronomical Observatory (1937, Eindhoven) and the spaceship-like Evoluon technology museum (1966, Eindhoven), which became a conference center in the 1990s.

H36 x W30 x D30cm



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