Dining Chairs by Nils Jonsson for Troeds, Set of 4


Stunning mid century Swedish dining chairs.

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Elegant mid-century Scandinavian dining chairs designed by Nils Jonsson for Swedish maker Troeds. Clean lines are a key attribute of this set and Nils Jonsson has excelled in its design. These are a stunning set of Swedish chairs which truly embrace the modernist ideology: form follows function. Consider your dining room problems solved.

Troeds has produced some of Sweden’s most elegant contemporary furniture, pieces that have defined the Scandinavian modern style. Since it’s inception in 1934 by Svea och Hugo Troedsson, Troeds has enjoyed a distinguished history. The company focused on high end furniture throughout the mid century era, producing designs that combined lightness of form, beauty and function – the essence of Scandinavian Modern. Successful collaborations with some of the leading Swedish architects and furniture designers such as Nils Jonsson and Yngve Ekstrom led to refined offerings that were always crisp, functional and highly desirable.

The chairs have been purchased at different times meaning that two of them differ slightly from the other two. The differences are minimal and are not obvious at all once the chairs are placed around a dining table. Two of the photographs show two different chairs sitting side by side. Fabric is in good used condition. You may wish to shampoo the fabric or just use as the chairs as they come – your choice!

W49 x D53 x H83cm (Seat Height 45cm)



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