Set of 4 Teak Danish Dining Chairs by HW Klein for Bramin

Set of 4 Teak Danish Dining Chairs by HW Klein for Bramin


Elegant Scandinavian dining chairs with rosewood detailing.

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A stunning set of four H.W. Klein chairs with woven seat pads. These elegant dining chairs were designed for the Danish manufacturer Bramin and are made from solid teak with beautiful rosewood inserts on the backrests.

Designer Henry Walter (H.W.) Klein was born in Norway in 1919. While information is limited, it is known that after serving in the Norwegian Royal Marines, Klein turned his attention to cabinetmaking. In 1949, he moved to Denmark to study interior design at the Tekniske Skile in Frederikberg. There, he trained under the prominent Danish designer and architect Finn Juhl. After finishing school in 1952, Klein returned to Norway to establish his own furniture and interiors business. His chairs, tables, and sideboards are characteristic of the post-war Danish modern style, typically involving fine woods like teak and well proportioned, well crafted forms. Later on, he became interested in plastic furniture—ultimately designing a new plastic manufacturing method—and worked closely with Danish manufacturer Bramin in order to finance his plastic endeavors. In 1960, Klein and his family moved to Denmark so he could work full time at Bramin. He remained at the company until it closed in 1980; he and his family moved to San Francisco in the 1980s.

Bramin crafted some of Denmark’s most coveted furniture during the mid 20th Century. Bramin (also known as Bramin Mobler) originated in Bramming, a town known for its furniture industry. The company had a close relationship with designer H.W Klein who moved with his family to Bramming in 1960 to work for them. Bramin continued until the 1980s when the international financial crisis forced the company to close down. Today Bramin pieces are highly coveted. On one hand Bramin are known for creating strikingly original and unusual forms and on the other for exemplifying a characteristic Danish simplicity.

Approx. Dimensions – W48 x D47 H75cm




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