Set of Josef Hoffman Style Danish Chairs

Set of Josef Hoffman Style Danish Chairs


With gorgeous lime green herringbone seat pads.

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A super stylish set of 4 vintage Hoffmann style black bentwood framed armchairs, made in Denmark. Fully refurbished with black satin and clear lacquer, the seat pads have been recovered in a gorgeous lime green herringbone.

The Austrian architect Josef Hoffmann (1870–1956) was a central figure in the evolution of modern design, and a leader in an aesthetic movement born in Europe in the late 19th century that rejected florid, extravagant ornamentation in favour of a new emphasis on simplicity of line. As a founder of the turn-of-the-century Wiener Werkstätte (Viennese Workshops), a design cooperative that produced superbly crafted furniture and housewares, Hoffmann was a pioneering practitioner of what would become a fundamental principle of modernism: that good design is a way of life.

Approx. Dimensions – H68 x W53 x D51cm




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